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Kerry Ng

Kerry Ng

December 2, 2020 -
December 2, 2020

One of our main priorities at T.S. Warden Funeral Home is to get to know you, your family, and your loved one. Your family is not just another piece of business for us. We want to develop a relationship with you because we care about the people we serve.

Our slogan “A Friend in Your Time of Need” represents this commitment to establishing relationships with our clients. We treat you like a dear friend or like a close family member. Although a funeral home’s main duty is to create a ceremony to honor your loved one’s life, T.S. Warden also believes it is our job to provide the support and compassion a grieving family needs. At T.S. Warden we will exceed your expectations like no other funeral homes in Jacksonville. We provide compassion and support from the minute you call us to well after the funeral. We will call you weeks or even months after the funeral just to check in. We are here as your friend to help you get through your grief.


Forgive. Accept. Release.

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The loss of a loved one is demanding emotionally and physically, and it's often difficult to know where to turn. Don't get pressured into following someone else's plan; get a Serenity Plan now.

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